Artists In Art | July 22, 2017 | 1-8pm | West Tisbury

The process of selecting the artists for the show has been very organic. All but one of the artists are year-round residents of Martha's Vineyard, and all are part of a hard-working core of artists and artisans carving out a living in a challenging economic environment. Elizabeth concentrated for the most part on painters so as to have an additional selection criteria.

There was no particular method to her approach: she began with the artists who she knew best, those who had given her advice and support as she began her new career. She also included artists whose work she had long admired. Along the way, she discovered new artists -- in fact so many that she could easily have painted far more portraits than these! Martha's Vineyard has an amazing number of talented artists of all kinds. 

In the end she considered the show as a whole to make sure that style and subject was balanced, and that anyone attending -- including the artists -- would have a chance to meet new people and see new art.