Artists In Art | July 22, 2017 | 1-8pm | West Tisbury

Currently a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, Jack Yuen is an emerging artist of considerable talent - definitely an artist to watch!

"I have been expressing myself through a visual language ever since I could hold a crayon. Most of my life I would draw in pencil as realistically as I could, painstakingly paying attention to detail.

However, this changed once I reached my sophomore year of high school and took a family trip to London. London is a city rich with street and graffiti art. I was absolutely amazed by the vibrant colors, the abstract forms and concepts, as well as the diversity of styles in the street art movement. After my experience in London, I studied the work of urban artists and experimented with incorporating urban art styles into my own work. I started painting instead of drawing, and focused more on creativity in addition to technical execution, striving to create remarkable relationships between subject and style." -- Jack Yuen

Jack Yuen's artwork can be purchased by contacting the artist directly via his website.

Official website for Jack Yuen