Artists In Art | July 22, 2017 | 1-8pm | West Tisbury

The artwork of Darcie Lee Hanaway is boldly contemporary and energetic, yet both her art and process are thoughtful and layered with personal meaning. For Ms. Hanaway, the process of creating the work is an organic path of discovery, and the results are a melding of color, thought, and experience.

Ms. Hanaway pulls on her beginnings in Providence, RI, where she attended classes at RISD and pursued a BFA at Rhode Island College. Her current life on Martha's Vineyard, travels and experiences, opinions, reactions, and empathy with the world around her have melded with that early influence to create a vibrant and growing body of intuitively-driven and visually exciting work.

To purchase work from Darcie Lee Hanaway, please watch for her fall show at the Tashmoo Spring Building (announcements in the MV newspaper events sections) and come see her at Artists in Art!